Remedial Exercises and Rehabilitation

Remedial Exercises

Once the animal's pain levels are effectively managed, and the joint range of movement and myofascial condition optimised, postural and locomotory re-education can commence through a remedial exercise programme.

Similar techniques can be used for both horses and dogs, with some additional more specialist techniques employed for canine patients, and for equines.

Repetition of remedial exercises several times through the day reinforces the correct reciprocal four-point pattern of gait and recruitment of the correct dorsal-ventral muscular chains. These are the fundamental building blocks for correct posture and pain-free carriage as they developing core strength.

In neurological cases, introducing different surfaces such as grass, gravel, sand and shallow water aids Proprioceptive capability.

Techniques used include;

  • Long reining and lunging in specialist schooling equipment for the horse
  • Kinesio taping and Proprioceptive taping
  • Polework
  • Gymnasium exercises
  • Hydrotherapy
Remedial Exercises

Progression from ground work to ridden remedial work for equine clients is an easy transition with Helen being a qualified and experienced riding instructor. Where necessary, ridden schooling can be conducted on your behalf, although it is usually recommended that this is carried out by the horse's regular jockey, learning new techniques and approaches where necessary.

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