Small Animal Services

The Veterinary Services Centre offers many methods of rehabilitation practices which may be suited to your animal and the type of injury/surgery they have had.

Appointments are made by referral only so please contact our team for more information or visit our Bookings page.


In addition to hot and cold therapies, manual joint mobilisation, massage, range-of-motion exercises and stretching, physiotherapy may involve the use of theraputic ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulation (NMES), LASER, pulsed electromagnetic energy (PEME) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines.


Our aquatic treadmill provides an ideal environment for reduced weight bearing exercise, allowing animals to begin rehabilitation much earlier than on dry land. Working on the treadmill improves muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, joint motion and balance. In addition to the aquatic treadmill, our 5m x 3m heated pool provides a safe environment for animals to recieve aquatic therapy.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise programmes will be tailored to individual patients and many exercises can be performed at home, allowing you to become actively involved in your pet's rehabilitation.


The Veterinary Services Centre offers acupuncture to small animals with a veterinary referral. Acupuncture is carried out by one of our trained veterinary surgeons. Our vets only provide acupuncture services so your pet's ongoing veterinary needs remain the responsibility of your existing veterinary practice.

Acupuncture has a wide range of uses in small animals, although it is most often used to manage pain. It involves the placement of needles in specific acupuncture points. The points treated will be chosen by the veterinary acupuncturist following an examination. Needles are left in place for between 5 and 30 minutes. The most common small animals treated are dogs, but cats and rabbits can be treated too as well as more exotic species. Please contact us if you have any queries or wish to discuss your pet on an individual basis. Prices and details for booking appointments can be found here.

"Following an initial appointment we agreed to take our dog regularly and he went from strength to strength. He is now fully recovered due to the care afforded at Harper Adams."

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